Our insurance and annuity services are presented below.  Meet with your personal consultant to establish your guaranteed rate of return.


Get guaranteed retirement income from an annuity.  No matter what the market is doing.  Help secure your retirement.  Talk to our consultants about the right annuity for your goals.  Guaranteed income.  Get a financial plan.

Multiline Insurance

Multilines are bundled insurance contracts to cover multiple similar risk exposures as one single insurance policy. It is more manageable for the involved insurers to use a single multiline contract for the overall risk portfolio, allowing insurance companies to cover a wide variety of exposures.

Whole Life Insurance Investments

Meet with an advisor in-person to learn about the benefits of whole life insurance.  It offers guaranteed protection, cash value that grows over time, and your premiums never go up.  Protection and investment in a single policy. 

Personal Consultation

Meet with one of our consultants to evaluate your portfolio.  You may benefit from investing in one or more of our guaranteed income plans.  We specialize in minimal risk for maximum return on investment.